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No Kid Hungry Maryland has been ending childhood hunger in Maryland since 2008. We work with schools as well as national and local agencies to implement policies surrounding Afterschool, Summer, and Breakfast meals programs that help hungry kids gain access to nutritious meals. Through these programs we aim to break down the barriers that keep kids from getting the food that they need. We hope for a future in which every child in Maryland has access to nutritious food every single day to live their lives free from the stress of food insecurity. By partnering with other organizations we are able to work together to come up with new strategies and hunger solutions to solve this problem here in Maryland.

The Partnership to End Child Hunger in Maryland, co-lead by No Kid Hungry Maryland and the Governor's Office - is designed to connect kids with the healthy food they need wherever they live, learn and play. The Partnership is a coalition of national and local organizations and agencies representing the private and public sectors. More information on our work with the Partnership can be found here: https://www.mdchildhungerpartnership.org

No Kid Hungry Maryland Staff -

Kevin Large, Acting Director klarge@strength.org

Kara Panowitz, Manager, Out of School Time kpanowitz@strength.org

Nicete Moodie, Manager, Breakfast nmoodie@strength.org

Marly Cardona-Moz, Associate, School Nutrition mcardonamoz@strength.org

Kwane Drabo, Associate, School Nutrition kdrabo@strength.org

Tiffany Haynes, Coordinator, School Nutrition thaynes@strength.org



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If you’re a kid who wants to step up and take action to end childhood hunger (or if you know one who does), we want you to be part of Generation No Kid Hungry.